• She was revealed as LIGHTSUM's first member on April 19, 2021.[1]
  • Sangah attended PinkM Dance Academy and A-Root Dance Academy.[2]
  • Her MBTI personality type is ENFP (The Campaigner).[3]
  • Her dream is to throw the first pitch at a SK Wyverns opening day game.[4]
  • Sangah's nicknames are Rapper Sangah and Ssalla.[5]
  • Specialties: Exercise, remembering people's faces.[5]
  • In the future, Sangah wants to appear on the variety shows Running Man and Law of the Jungle.[4]
  • She's LIGHTSUM's king of socializing.[4]
  • In the group's dorm, she shares a room with Nayoung.[3]
  • Sangah decided to pursue becoming an idol after watching Girls' Generation.
  • If Jian was to look after her, she would be difficult because she is the most picky eater in the group.[6]


  • Sangah passed auditions for MLD Entertainment, CJ ENM, J Planet Entertainment, Urban Works Entertainment, AStory Entertainment, Vine Entertainment, Source Music, and Yue Hua Entertainment.[7]
  • Upon her reveal, fans said she strongly resembled After School's Nana and BLACKPINK's Jennie.[8]
  • Sangah played many sports in elementary school, including gymnastics, jump rope, tee-ball.[4]
  • She trained for one year and a month[9]


  • She's a huge fan of baseball.[10][4]
    • Her favorite team is the SK Wyverns.[4]
  • Hobbies: Shopping, nail art, watching baseball.[5]
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.[11]
  • Her role models are Suzy Bae and CL.[5]

Song Recommendations

Birthday messages


Sangah Birthday 2021 (4).jpg

Hello, I'm Sangah :)
It's my first birthday since my debut in LIGHTSUM.
So many people wished me a happy birthday and send me love.
I'll never forget this birthday :)
Thank you so much for making such a great memory for me!
I will always try to repay your love.
Thank you so much for today! Good night, everyone~!

Translated by Twitter Icon.png @moonlightsum_