Light a Wish

"Light a Wish" is the second single album by LIGHTSUM. It was released on October 13, 2021 with the song "VIVACE" serving as its title track.

The physical version of the album is available in two versions: "Light" and "Wish".


"LIGHTSUM's second single album "Light a Wish" contains the meaning that the album will not only fulfill 'my' wishes but also 'our' wishes. Following the comeback trailer that depicts the journey of finding 'something' new after they meet in a place guided by the lights, the 'Light ver.' symbolically expresses the new portrait of a '21st Century Genie', deviating from the stereotyped image of Genie in the story of Aladdin, and the 'Wish ver.' conveys in a natural vintage tone the lovely nature of Genie before it awakens in the heart. The concepts of the two versions, the artistic movement drawn by the group choreography perfectly synchronized as if the 8 members have become one, and the colorful and sophisticated music video are the key points to for in this album.

The outstanding track list is composed of tracks brought together by various forms of 'light' being their common theme. LIGHTSUM's second single "Light a Wish", a progression from 'a wishful me' casting spells wanting to make wishes come true to 'a me who makes whishes come true' and learning gleaming enlightenment from each other. We hope everyone who joins it comes to find the Genies within themselves, just like the '21st Century Genie' story told by LIGHTSUM."
— Cube Entertainment[1]>


On September 23, a teaser posted via the group's social medias announced the album's name, format, and release date.[2] The single album marks LIGHTSUM's first-ever comeback since their debut on June 10, 2021.

Artist Note

This time we participated in voting for the title song of this album.

In order to show a new side of ourselves, we reflected on our last activities to find points to improve on. We prepared diligently for the recording and choreography.

We're back with a different vibe from "Vanilla".

Please look forward to it and show us lots of love!

Our team, LIGHTSUM, seems to have found more colors through this albums, and I think we will be able to show a more grown and mature side than in "Vanilla". Personally, I spent a lot of time researching gestures because it's a song with many gestures. At the same time, I realized once again that the more I grew and practiced, the better I got.

Since the title song "VIVACE" has a completely different concept from "Vanilla", I will try to show you a different side and performance this time. I try to immerse myself in the song every time I perform it. The chorepgraphy is difficult despite looking easy because there are many movements that use lines differently from "Vanilla". There are many movements that need to be loosened, held and delicately danced. It looke easy but it's a little difficult, so we practiced the choreography a lot.

Out SUMIT's! It's our first time making a comeback with B-side tracks since our debut. We brought a concept, choreography, gestures, facial expressions and performance that are different from "Vanilla". I think it would be nice if you think about these points while watching the performance. All three songs on the album are great with different vibes. I hope you like them all!

Please enjoy it.

Let's make a lot of good memoties during this promotion circle, too!

While preparing for this abum, I felt a lot of personal limitations. I wanted to overcome them, so I tried my best to fill in these shortcomings while preparing for the album. Unlike last time's "Vanilla", there a additional songs on the album, all three songs, including the title, have different moods, so I think it's more fun because the members have different tones and colors.

It's our first comeback, so all eight of us worked hard to meet your expectations!

Let's work hard together for this promotion.

We prepared this album with a very different feeling from "Vanilla", so I'm very curious if you will like it.

I hope we will get good results as much as we worked hard.

Please look forward to our growth. ♥️

First of all, I wanted to show you a more developed performance as this 2nd Single [Light a Wish] is an album with a mature and dreamy charm unlike our debut album. So I thought a lot about making a perfect stage with the members and focused on practicing to convey the bright energy on stage, which is LIGHTSUM's core strenght.

When I recorded all three songs for the album, and listened to the monitor with the members for the first time, I was looking forward to this album a lot because I thought it would show a new side of us. I wondered how the fans who waited for us, would react listening to these songs. Also, it was our 100th day since our debut during the preparation period for this promotion and many fans congradtulated us. From our debut till now, I felt that it's not only our team but also so many of you guys. I'm grateful to our SUMIT, who always support and love us, and I want to repay you with a better performance in response to your expectations. LIGHTSUM's performance has a really different feeling this time, so I think you can feel the charm and color of us eight without getting bored.

Please look forward to our "VIVACE" promotions with lots of interest! I'll show you the charm of LIGHTSUM, which is full of unexpected beauty :)

The 2nd Single [Light a Wish]'s "VIVACE" is completely different from our debut song, "Vanilla", so I'm really curious and looking forward to seeing if you'll like it!

Since it's our first comeback, we worked hard on it, so I hope you listen to it a lot. ♥️

Everyone who listens to the song, I hope that a world just like the one described in the lyrics, will unfold in front of you!

Unlike "Vanilla", our 2nd Single [Light a Wish]'s "VIVACE" is a dreamy, mature and powerful song, so I think I gained a lot of new experience preparing for the choreography and song!

The concept of this album is the 21st century genie that makes our wished come true! I hope that the wishes of many people listening to our songs will come true.

I'm so happy to see you again soon, SUMIT! Let's cheer up for LIGHTSUM's "VIVACE" promotions!

LIGHTSUM's 2nd Single [Light a Wish]'s "VIVACE" is a different song from out debut song "Vanilla", so I think I can show you a more mature side of me through "VIVACE" this time! While we're preparing, I wanted to show you a different side of me, so I prepared it with excitement!

SUMIT~! We worked hard on "VIVACE", so please show us lots of love! Thank you. :)

Translated by Twitter Icon.png @moonlightsum_

Track List

  1. "VIVACE" - 3:35
  2. "You, Jam" - 3:19
  3. "Popcorn" - 3:27

Song Credits

# Name Lyrics Composer Arranger
2 You, Jam Jinli (Full8loom) Glory Face, Jinli, & Yuka (Full8loom) Glory Face & Yuka (Full8loom)
3 Popcorn Jo Yun-kyung Steven Lee, Andreas Stone Johansson, Laurell Barker, Joe Lawrence Joe Lawrence, Steven Lee


Physical Album


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  • PHOTOBOOK: 90p
  • STICKER: 1p
  • POSTER: 1p (pre-order/first-press only)

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