General Rules

  1. Treat your fellow Wiki users with respect. Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not ask any members for personal information and/or spread personal information.
  3. Duplicate and sockpuppet accounts are prohibited.
  4. Do not advertise anything un-related to LIGHTSUM or create promotional articles. If you would like to become affiliates, please contact one of the administrators.
  5. No spam or trolling.
  6. Offensive, sexual, racist, or other harmful comments towards fellow users will not be tolerated. This wiki was created as a safe space for everyone.
  7. You must be at least 13 years old to own an account. If you are caught being underage by Wikia, you will be blocked globally!



  1. This wiki was created to provide fans with up-to-date, accurate information. Therefore, only include information that is credible or realistic.
  2. If you are unsure if pieces of information are credible/realistic, please contact an administrator!
  3. Do not erase information unless said information has been proven false. Removing information unnecessarily can be considered vandalism, and you might be blocked.
  4. Please follow the policies for citing information, which are listen below.
  5. Bold the topic phrase of each article.
  6. Add categories to pages, as this allows smoother navigation and access.
    • If you are unsure of which category to use, don't be afraid to ask a fellow user or an admin!

Song Articles

  1. Copy translations of LIGHTSUM songs from a trustworthy website. Do not use Google Translate due to its inaccuracy.
  2. We highly stress you include credits of the website you got your translation from if possible.


  1. We much prefer you include a citation when adding information about the members or group - specifically fun facts or trivia.
  2. You can cite fan accounts or fan sites, but be sure the information is credible.
  3. If an article you cite is in another language, please include it somewhere within the citation.

Images, Videos, & Galleries

  1. Do not upload potentially harmful or offensive photos or videos. If you do so, they will be marked as vandalism.
  2. Only add images and videos that pertain to LIGHTSUM.
  3. Make sure images and videos are not blurry, unless on purpose.
  4. Do not upload a photo over and over. Do not upload duplicates of a pre-existing file.
    • In the case that duplicates exist, the administrators will delete the newest listed file without informing its author.
  5. Please follow the policies on naming a file, which are listed below.

File Naming

  1. If the file is a concept photo/video, please include the name of the member, the name of the work, and 'concept photo' or 'concept video'.
  2. If the image is an album cover, you can either use '-- album cover' or '-- digital album cover'.
  3. If the file comes from a social media update, please include the account name and website (ex: @CUBE_LIGHTSUM on Twitter) and the date in which it was posted.


  1. When adding fan cams, make sure to include the member, music show, song, and performance date somewhere in the file name.
  2. When adding fan cams to the video galleries, include the song, music show, and performance date.
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User Profiles

  1. User profiles can include information not pertaining to LIGHTSUM - but it must be appropriate
  2. Sensitive information can not be included.
  3. Racist, sexual, or other harmful photos or bits of information are not allowed.
  4. Users can only edit their own profile.