• In Japanese, the name 'Hina' means "chick".
  • She was revealed as LIGHTSUM's seventh member on April 21, 2021.[1]
  • Hina is an only child.[2]
  • She is the second Japanese artist to debut under Cube Entertainment after Yuto of PENTAGON.
  • Hina attended MARU Dance Studio in Japan.[3]
  • She is the group's sole foreign member.
  • Hina's MBTI type is ESFJ (The Consul).[4]
  • She loves cake and mint chocolate.[4]
  • Hina is a big fan of the girl group TWICE. She has seen them in concert a few times and even attended a hi-touch event.[5]
    • She has cited TWICE member Sana as her role model.[6]
    • According to her, TWICE are the reason for her to pursue being an idol and moving to Korea.[7]
  • Her nicknames are Lee Hina, Hina-chan, Hinamoroll, Duckling, and Baby Bunny.[6]
  • Her hobbies are talking on the phone, watching YouTube videos, learning languages, and shopping.[6]
  • Hina's specialties are speaking Japanese and dancing ballet.[6]
  • Hina, like Mina of Twice, both studied ballet for a long time, and both spin clockwise despite being right-handed.[6]
  • In the future, she would like to appear on the variety program Knowing Brothers.[6]
  • She's LIGHTSUM's king of loveliness.[6]
  • In LIGHTSUM's dorm, she shares a room with Chowon.[8]
  • Hina cannot eat cherry tomatoes or drink soda.
  • She trained for one year and a half[9]


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